Advice Process

During the advice process, we continuously comply with our commitment to provide the best customer service and outcome possible. The Advice Process to our clients includes generally 4 steps:

Your initial consultation will involve the gathering of your personal information and identifying the financial and lifestyle goals and objectives you are aiming to achieve, both now and in the future.

We will introduce our business to you and offer information such as the services we offer, how we can help you achieve success, the company philosophy and the advice process.

We will explain in detail the financial planning process and your involvement. We encourage our clients to provide as much accurate information as possible so that we can begin to formulate financial strategies and alternatives that are specifically tailored to your needs and circumstances.

You will be provided with a Financial Services Guide detailing information about the dealer group, and their responsibility to you.

You will complete a Client Profile questionnaire detailing your current personal information, your financial and lifestyle goals, your current financial position, and expectations for the future. The information requested in this Client Profile is one of the tools we use to establish a basis for the advice we will provide. By completing this document as accurately and fully as possible, we are equipped to provide the strategic advice and alternatives that will cater to your individual needs, circumstances and objectives.

We will get you to complete an investment Risk Profile questionnaire which has been designed to assist you in making an investment decision. It asks some questions regarding your goals, timeframes and comfort with investments to provide a guide to your investor profile. Your investor profile then determines a benchmark asset allocation for your investments.

We will then explain the next step in the financial planning process involving the formulation of strategic alternatives for your consideration.

Once we have become acquainted with you and your situation, we then prepare a written financial plan to guide you in achieving your objectives. This plan takes a snapshot of your situation and gives recommendations on how to meet your financial goals and objectives. This step is the cornerstone of our relationship and what drives our advice and recommendations. The Statement of Advice is a clear and comprehensive plan that will aim to point you in the right direction. If you are comfortable with the suggested financial strategies, your financial planner will commence the process of implementing the advice.

When it comes to implementing your financial plan, you must have all the tools required to carry it out. We are a financial planning company that is able to implement most aspects of your financial plan, unlike professionals who specialise in only one area of financial advice, at Eclipse Financial Management, we are able to look after all of your financial needs.

The best plan implements a combination of all products. We are fully licensed to give advice on shares, managed funds, Superannuation, Income Streams and insurance. We also work with your Accountant, Solicitor or other specialised companies, when required, to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

A financial plan is a snapshot in time. It lets you know if you are heading in the right direction. Life is unpredictable, so the success of your financial plan lies in the monitoring of that plan. Your strategy must be continually revisited to ensure it not only matches your current situation, but is still accomplishing your goals and objectives.

To this end, we provide you with annual, or more frequent, financial reviews and regular consolidated reports of your financial position and performance. We continue to review and update all of the advice process steps to ensure that your financial plan is still pointing you in the right direction.

“At Eclipse Financial Management, we value your referrals.
In fact, a referral from an existing client is the highest compliment our business can receive.”